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Amiro.CMS API Reference.

All module components (models, views, controllers) and some system objects must not be accessed by its class names, there is the resource list for such objects.

The best way to start development using Amiro.CMS API is to learn with

Since 6.0 version you can

Since 5.14.4 version following models can be saved in full environment:

  • articles/table/model
  • articles_cat/table/model
  • blog/table/model
  • eshop_order/table/model
  • faq/table/model
  • faq_cat/table/model
  • files/table/model
  • files_cat/table/model
  • news/table/model
  • stickers/table/model
  • stickers_cat/table/model

Then you can learn with AJAX Responder Plugin and Sample module as valuable API usage examples.


DB Database access layer;
Debug Debug tools;
Driver_PaymentSystem Payment System Drivers;
Environment CMS environment;
ModuleComponent The part of MVC;
AmiMultifeeds_Blog_Table Blog or other module models;
Plugin Front AJAX request common entry point and plugin options API;
Plugin_AJAXResponder AJAX Responder plugin, API usage example;
Plugin_Sample Simple sample plugin;
Service Service layer: core functionality, events, response, external integration;
Template Template engine.
TxCommand Transaction commands using during package installing/uninstalling.
TxService Transactions aloowing to install/uninstall packages.