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The ami_env.php procedural file

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Environment setting up entry point.

Entry point must be included from global context and supposes in current symbol table array $AMI_ENV_SETTINGS having following possible data:
  •  $AMI_ENV_SETTINGS array(
  •      'response_mode'     => 'HTML'|'JSON'// response type, 'HTML' by default
  •      'response_buffered' => true|false,    // response buffering flag, true by default
  •      'external_call'     => true|false     // environment is included from external code, global scope will be saved into "Amiro" scope and can be restored via AMI::restoreGlobalScope('Amiro'); false by default, since 5.12.4
  •  );


version:  $Id$
copyright:  Amiro.CMS. All rights reserved. The changes are undesirable and dangerous.
since:  5.10.0
example:  Simple script that includes entry point from external place
example:  Simple buffered JSON response for CMS context AJAX application
example:  Simple buffered script using session manipulation
example:  Simple buffered "Hello world" script
example:  Simple unbuffered script


require($path) [line 224]