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The ami_server.php procedural file

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AJAX Responder plugin. Processes AJAX request and returning JSON response.

There are no allowed modules by default.
Use plugin admin interface to modify aloowed modules list.
This plugin allows to access the CMS modules data escaping common CMS access validation.
Be careful allowing modules access.
Obligatory GET parameters:
  • module -- module id, 'articles'|'blog'|'eshop_item'|'files'|'kb_item'|'news'|'photoalbum'|'portfolio_item'|'stickers'
Possible GET parameters:
  • order -- db order column, 'id' by default
  • dir -- 'asc'|'desc', 'asc' by default
  • limit -- records count, positive integer, 3 by default
  • offset -- offset, integer >= 0, 0 by default
  • locale -- locale code, 'en' by default
  • id_page -- page id, used for multipage modules, no default value
  • id_site -- site id, used for multisite, no default value
AJAX request example URLs:


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