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Debug tools.

Error log.

Intercepted errors and warnings are stored in rotating log file located at "_admin/logs/err.log".

Enabling debug output.

To enable debug output you should open admin interface start page, click «Services / System Options», choose «System / Common setting» module and open «Debug» section.

Than set one of «Debug IP» option equal to your IP, for «IP N Settings» option select:

• Templates parser: debug structures
• Buffering debug output

Turn on «Display debug info» option and apply changes.


Now you will see red alert at the top of the site pages and will have ability to view debug info.

See d (short alias for AMI_Debug) to learn debug methods.

Also you can use next instructions to view benchmarks and DB queries:

  1.  AMI::getSingleton('response')->displayBench();

Hiding debug for shared IP address.

See AMI_Service::debugByRequest() to learn how to avoid debug output for shared IP address and manage debug output by GET parameter.

Click here to view Debug diagram.

• Classes:

AMI_Debug - Debugger class.
d - Short alias for AMI_Debug and its methods.