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CMS module: Products Catalog.

• Classes:

AMI_CartItem - E-shop cart item.
AMI_Eshop - E-shop business layer.
AMI_EshopCart - E-shop cart business layer.
AMI_EshopOrder - E-shop order business layer.
EshopItemProps_Table - Eshop props table model.
EshopItemProps_TableItem - Eshop props table item model.
EshopItemProps_TableList - Eshop props table list model.
KbItemProps_Table - Kb props table model.
KbItemProps_TableItem - Kb props table item model.
KbItemProps_TableList - Kb props table list model.
PaymentDrivers_Table - Eshop payment drivers table model.
PaymentDrivers_TableItem - Eshop payment drivers table item model.
PaymentDrivers_TableList - Eshop payment drivers table list model.
PortfolioItemProps_Table - Portfolio props table model.
PortfolioItemProps_TableItem - Portfolio props table item model.
PortfolioItemProps_TableList - Portfolio props table list model.

Views and controllers will be available later.