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Sample module.

This is an example of admin interface and specblock which use Amiro.CMS API to display admin/front lists, admin form and admin filter.


  • All Module_Sample package files are the part of CMS and possible can be overwritten in the future.
  • Copy «_local/plugins_distr/ami_sample» folder to your own to create new plugin.
  • Rename «ami_sample» and «AmiSample» substrings and file names to your own plugin id.

Sample Module includes:

• Classes:

AmiSample_Adm - Sample module admin action controller.
AmiSample_FilterAdm - Sample module admin filter component action controller.
AmiSample_FormAdm - Sample module admin form component action controller.
AmiSample_Frn - Sample module front action controller.
AmiSample_ListActionsAdm - Sample module admin list action controller.
AmiSample_ListAdm - Sample module admin list component action controller.
AmiSample_ListGroupActionsAdm - Sample module admin list group action controller.
AmiSample_FilterModelAdm - Sample module admin component item list filter model.
AmiSample_State - Sample module model.
AmiSample_Table - Sample module table model.
AmiSample_TableItem - Sample module table item model.
AmiSample_TableItemModifier - Sample module table item model modifier.
AmiSample_TableList - Sample module table list model.
AmiSample_FilterViewAdm - Sample module filter component view.
AmiSample_FormViewAdm - Sample module form component view.
AmiSample_ListViewAdm - Sample module admin list component view.
AmiSample_ListViewFrn - Sample module front list view.

• Files: