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• Interfaces:

AMI_iCaptcha - Capctha class interface.
AMI_iCaptchaImage - Captcha image generator interface.
AMI_iUserSourceAppDriver - User source apllication driver interface.
AMI_iUserSourceAppService - User Source Application service interface.
AMI_iStorage - Storage interface.

• Classes:

AMI - AMI hub class.
Amiro_UserSourceAppDriver - Amiro server driver.
AMI_BackgroundProcess - Class AMI_BackgroundProcess.
AMI_Cache - Cache class for front-side pages.
AMI_Captcha - Capctha class provides capthca manipulation functionality. At this moment not recomended to use. Use only AMI_CaptchaImage.
AMI_CaptchaImage - Captcha image generator class.
AMI_Event - Event manager allows to add/drop event handlers, fire events.
AMI_Exception - Extended exception.
AMI_ExternalAuthDriver - External auth driver abstract class.
AMI_HTMLResponse - HTML response.
AMI_HTTPRequest - HTTP request class.
AMI_HTTPResponse - HTTP response.
AMI_Mail - Class AMI_Mail.
AMI_MailQueue - Class AMI_MailQueue.
AMI_PageManager - Site Manager pages service class.
AMI_Response - CMS response.
AMI_Service - AMI service class.
AMI_UserSourceApp - User Source Application service class. Provide drivers management functionality.
AMI_UserSourceAppDriver - User source apllication driver middle layer.
cstEshopDatasets - Class containing handlers.
Facebook_UserSourceAppDriver - Facebook driver.
Loginza_UserSourceAppDriver - Loginza driver.
Twitter_UserSourceAppDriver - Twitter driver.
VBulletin_ExternalAuthDriver - VBulletin common auth driver class.
VKontakte_UserSourceAppDriver - VKontakte driver.
AMI_Storage_FS - File system storage driver.
AMI_Storage_Template - Template storage storage.

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