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Trasactions allowing to install/uninstall packages.

To install/uninstall packages having instances use:

  • AMI_Tx_PackageInstall - Transaction installing CMS package;
  • AMI_Tx_PackageUninstall - Transaction uninstalling CMS package.

To install/uninstall packages having no instances (like drivers, visual editor gadgets and etc.) use:

  • AMI_Tx_PseudoInstall - Transaction installing CMS package having no instance;
  • AMI_Tx_PseudoUninstall - Transaction uninstalling CMS package having no instance.

• Interfaces:

AMI_iTx - Transaction interface.

• Classes:

AMI_Package_Common - Installation/uninstallation common functionality and data.
AMI_Tx - Transaction abstraction.
AMI_Tx_DB - Database transaction.
AMI_Tx_Storage - Storage transaction.
AMI_Tx_Exception - Transaction exception.